Founded in 2012, AdTheorent is a digital media platform which focuses on performance-first, privacy-forward methods to execute programmatic digital advertising campaigns, serving both advertising agency and brand customers.

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StackRabbit Leverages AdTheorent's Direct Access Offering to Drive Ticket Sales for the Texas Renaissance Festival

May 9, 2022

AdTheorent's Award-Winning Machine Learning and Programmatic Media Buying Platform Outperforms Social Advertising with a 1729% Lower Cost-Per-Action 

NEW YORK, May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc. ("AdTheorent" or the "Company) (Nasdaq: ADTH), a leading programmatic digital advertising company using advanced machine learning technology and privacy-forward solutions to deliver measurable value for advertisers and marketers, and StackRabbit, a next-generation digital media and consumer intelligence agency, today announced campaign results from a Texas Renaissance Festival digital advertising campaign to drive ticket sales for the festival.  The goal of the campaign was to drive an efficient cost-per-action (CPA), and ultimately drive revenue for the event company.  StackRabbit managed the campaign directly using AdTheorent Direct Access, which is the self-service method of executing digital media campaigns on AdTheorent's industry-leading machine learning media buying platform.

The Approach:
The Texas Renaissance Festival target audience was adults ages 25-49 and parents with children living at home.  The campaign was deployed within key drive-markets in Texas including Houston, Austin, Beaumont, College Station, Waco, and San Antonio.

Through AdTheorent, StackRabbit utilized predictive models to identify and reach target consumers with the highest likelihood of completing a ticket purchase. StackRabbit also utilized contextual keyword targeting to provide data for AdTheorent predictive models. Additionally, StackRabbit traders leveraged contextual and other privacy-friendly signals available through AdTheorent's platform to identify connections between devices and location, enabling cross-device targeting.   

"At StackRabbit, we pride ourselves on driving better performance through a combination of the best technology coupled with the right level of human touch.  Using AdTheorent's platform on a Direct Access basis allowed our team to reach consumers most likely to take the desired campaign actions for the Texas Renaissance Festival, relying on real-time predictive targeting signals to drive a significantly lower cost-per-action," said Hank Bell, Partner, Media Operations at StackRabbit.  "AdTheorent's platform is very powerful – in this campaign we outperformed social and display partners and we couldn't be happier with the results we drove for the Texas Renaissance Festival."

The Results:

The Texas Renaissance Festival 2021 digital advertising acquisition campaign drove stronger results than display and social advertising campaigns with other partners.  Additionally, the high-performing campaign positively contributed to the Texas Renaissance Festival's year-over-year attendance growth.

  • AdTheorent outperformed other display and social partners by 20% and 1729% respectively. 
    • AdTheorent CPA: $2.13
    • Other Partner's Display CPA: $2.55
    • Social CPA: $27.26
  • AdTheorent's predictive targeting outperformed other targeting tactics utilizing traditional third-party segments for targeting by 448%:
    • Predictive Targeting CPA: $1.49
    • Third-party segments CPA: $8.16
  • The campaign positively impacted Texas Renaissance Festival e-commerce ticket sales revenue and attendance year-over-year:
    • Ticket sales e-commerce revenue increased 159%
    • The campaign drove 64.5K additional visitors compared to 2019's pre-Covid visitation total

"AdTheorent's platform was developed from the ground up by traders, for traders, with a focus on performance – it's much more than a media buying tool because it was purpose built to drive results. AdTheorent's advanced machine learning-powered optimizations drive advanced business outcomes for advertisers in an efficient and privacy-forward way," said Dan Grubert, VP of Direct Access at AdTheorent. "StackRabbit is a valuable partner and we are thrilled that their use of our platform on a Direct Access basis drove the most efficient cost-per-action for The Texas Renaissance Festival."

About AdTheorent®

AdTheorent (Nasdaq: ADTH) uses advanced machine learning technology and privacy-forward solutions to deliver impactful advertising campaigns for marketers. AdTheorent's machine learning-powered Platform A\T powers its predictive targeting, geo-intelligence, audience extension solutions and in-house creative capability, Studio A\T. Leveraging only non-sensitive data and focused on the predictive value of machine learning models, AdTheorent's product suite and flexible transaction models allow advertisers to identify the most qualified potential consumers coupled with the optimal creative experience to deliver superior results, measured by each advertiser's real-world business goals. 

AdTheorent is consistently recognized with numerous technology, product, growth and workplace awards.  AdTheorent was awarded "Best AI-Based Advertising Solution" (AI Breakthrough Awards) for four consecutive years and "Most Innovative Product" (B.I.G. Innovation Awards) for five consecutive years.  Additionally, AdTheorent is the only six-time recipient of Frost & Sullivan's "Digital Advertising Leadership Award." AdTheorent is headquartered in New York, with fourteen offices across the United States and Canada.  For more information, visit

About StackRabbit

StackRabbit is a next-generation digital media and consumer intelligence agency headquartered in Houston, Texas. Formed in 2020 by a team of award-winning industry experts, StackRabbit has a singular focus in paid digital media execution and has experienced rapid growth in its infancy through an accountable buying approach using best-in-class technology and proven results for their clients. As a comprehensive digital media partner, StackRabbit's service offering covers the full process of a digital media campaign – from strategy development and planning to buying and analyzing, and all of the nuances in between. StackRabbit operates its self-serve buying from a channel-agnostic standpoint, allowing performance to fluidly dictate ad spend across all digital touchpoints throughout the course of a campaign– Including Search/SEM, Social Advertising, Display, Video/CTV, Audio, Native and Digital OOH. For more information, visit

About the Texas Renaissance Festival

The Texas Renaissance Festival is the nation's largest Renaissance event. Each year over 500,000 patrons enter through the gates of the festival into a 16th Century European Village where performers immerse you in the enchantment of the village that feature 21 stages of music and stage acts, 400 shoppes, artisans, and a world tour for the taste buds that of course include turkey legs! The Texas Renaissance Festival is located one hour north of Houston. For more information, visit

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Founded in 2012, AdTheorent is a digital media platform which focuses on performance-first, privacy-forward methods to execute programmatic digital advertising campaigns, serving both advertising agency and brand customers. Without relying on individualized profiles or sensitive personal data for targeting, AdTheorent utilizes machine learning and advanced data analytics to make programmatic digital advertising more effective and efficient at scale, delivering measurable real-world performance for advertisers. Central to its ad-targeting and campaign optimization methods, the company builds custom machine learning models for each campaign using historic and real-time data to predict future consumer conversion actions for every digital ad impression.

AdTheorent’s technology and solutions, conceived and developed in-house, have been recognized with numerous awards. AdTheorent’s privacy-forward targeting focus is statistical, not individualized, and as a result the company does not need to compile or maintain user profiles, and it does not rely on cookies or user profiles for targeting. Enhancing the company’s core machine learning-powered platform capabilities, the company offers customized vertical solutions to address the needs of advertisers in specialized industries. These specialized solutions feature vertical-specific capabilities related to targeting, measurement and audience validation.

AdTheorent is headquartered in New York City and has offices across the United States and Canada.